Privacystatement Kalooga

Kalooga BV in Groningen, with company registration number 02089769, collects certain personal data via this website. In this privacy statement we explain which data we collect and what it is being used for.

General provisions

Kalooga only processes the personal data which is supplied directly by you or the data which is clearly supplied to us when subscribing. Data which are no longer necessary will be removed. It is possible to ask for access, modification or disposal of data yourself. See the contact data below.

For the Internet site general visitor data are being retained. In this context it is possible to register the IP-address of your computer, the possible user name, the time of reclamation and the data which the browser of a visitor supplies. This data can be used statistic analysis of visits and click behavior on the Internet site.

Kalooga anonymises these general visitor data as much as possible and will not make these data available to third parties. However, personal details can be published or supplied to third parties in aggregated form. We will however make sure that no personal reducible data will be available in this aggregation.

Kalooga protects registered personal data against unauthorized access and uses and removes these data when they are no longer relevant.

Use of cookies

Kalooga makes use of cookies when offering her services. A cookie is a small and simple file which is sent along with the pages of this website and is stored on the hard disc of your computer by your browser. With that, Kalooga can combine among other things several claims of page of the Internet site and the behavior of users to analyze. Kalooga also remembers your preferences. You can refuse the use of these cookies, although this could limit the functionality and usability of the Internet site.

Right to access, correction and withdrawal

As laid out in the Personal Data Protection Law you have the right to access, of disposal and correction concerning your personal data which Kalooga processes. As per request we send you an overview of the data which we have stored and a description of what we do with this data. When applying you will have to provide information referring to the date and time you visited this website, your name, e-mail or IP-address so we can look up your personal data in our files.

Third party websites

This privacy declaration does not apply to websites of third parties which have been connected through links with this website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or safe manner. We advise you to read the privacy declaration of these websites thoroughly before using them.

Modification privacy declaration

Kalooga is authorized to modify these privacy declarations at any moment. Consult this page regularly to be kept informed of any modifications.


For questions regarding our Privacy statement or questions referring to access or modifications of your personal details, please send an email to: or via post to:

Helperpark 288
9723 ZA Groningen
o.v.v. privacy

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