Kalooga is an internet search engine for photo albums and image galleries. We provide visitors with search results that include small preview samples of some of the images that visitors will find on the gallery pages that are listed in the search results.

Our service lets visitors find great image galleries (not just single images). We firmly believe the context of the total photo album / image gallery is what provides the most value to visitors. From our search results, we link to the original gallery page or photo album. We NEVER hot-link or deep-link to images and ONLY link to gallery pages on the original website.

Besides standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript documents, the Kalooga crawler can request thumbnails and the original images in order to determine the quality and relevance of an image during algorithmic assesment of the gallery or photo album.

The Kalooga crawler checks the standard robots.txt files on every server it crawls. Specifically excluding the Kalooga crawler from part of or all of your website can be done by adding a standard parameter set to 'kalooga':

User-agent: kalooga
Allow: /path-to-allow
Disallow: /path-to-disallow

The UA of the Kalooga crawler is: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; KaloogaBot; http://www.kalooga.com/info.html?page=crawler)

Kalooga's crawler is currently using the following IP address:

Kalooga is still building and our experience about navigating our crawlers through the many dynamic layers of the web is continuously expanding. Our search is currently available to a limited audience only. Should you feel you need to evaluate the service in order to decide on allowing/disallowing the Kalooga crawler, please send us an email at: crawler@kalooga.com. You can also request for your galleries to be excluded from our index and search results. Feedback is appreciated!

Some Q & A

Q: Your crawler requests the original and full-size images. Does that mean you will provide deep-links or hot-links to them from the search results?
A: No, we will not deep-link or hot-link to your images. Our crawler requests image files in order to algorithmically compare them with the thumbnails to make sure the images are identical. Further analysis to determine things like subject tags can also be performed. However, this does not at all mean we hot-link to the image urls's from our search results. It would defy the whole purpose of a gallery search...

Q: Do you share links to the images with others?
A: No, we don't. The links and the images we download are only used during internal analysis to determine the relevance of a gallery for in the search results.

For Publishers

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For Advertisers

Kalooga offers a network of premium online publishers where advertisers can connect with their customers before they search. Read more…

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